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The desire to create is what led me first to a career in graphic design, and more recently, to printmaking. The joy of learning something new, the anticipation of the reveal and being part of a creative group are all aspects of my printmaking journey...


Based in Lancashire I am surrounded by a varied landscape, providing an abundance of inspiration which forms not only the basis of my work but provides comfort in its certainty and cyclical nature.


My background in graphic design continues to influence my prints as I explore the sculptural forms and textures observed within the landscape; be it the line of a fence, the texture of a hillside or the contrast between land and sky.


Although I gather a great deal of photographic research, I work mainly from memory. My intention is to avoid any literal interpretation but rather to conjure a moment, a glimpse along the way. Often, when I think about the title later, I discover that I also have an emotional connection to what the image represents.



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